What Does the Word “Dad” Bring to Mind? – Together on Tuesdays


Together on Tuesday posts are about relationships, and today begins an irregular series on parenting, especially on fathering. This will take more than one post, and I intend to explore being a dad both intellectually and personally. At the outset I’ll say that I’d like to add value to a discussion that seems alternately superficial […]

On the Need to Believe, In an Uncertain World – Fearless Friday


I have written of the need to become comfortable with uncertainty, to loosen our grip on deeply held beliefs if we are to listen to one another respectfully. I’ve written of the need to come to terms with the possibility that there are some things we don’t, and perhaps can’t, understand. Today I want to explore what seems the opposite of this idea, namely that a key facet of leadership is the ability to believe something with conviction, to communicate that belief effectively, and to inspire others to believe in the possibilities with you.

Dead Men Don’t Bleed, and Other Beliefs


It’s not every week that the end of the world comes and goes without notice. To be fair, May 21 was predicted to be the beginning  of the end of the world, with the end itself predicted to occur exactly 5 months later.  Nevertheless,  the Rapture was to occur, with the faithful taken up into […]

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