May 2011

What Does the Word “Dad” Bring to Mind? – Together on Tuesdays

May 31, 2011

Together on Tuesday posts are about relationships, and today begins an irregular series on parenting, especially on fathering. This will take more than one post, and I intend to explore being a dad both intellectually and personally. At the outset I’ll say that I’d like to add value to a discussion that seems alternately superficial […]

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On Being Deep – A Bit of Self-Examination on Mindfulness Monday

May 30, 2011

Are you deep? Do you like deep? A few days ago, I was told that my one of my posts was “deep” in a comment on Facebook when someone re-posted a link to The Moments Project blog. Maddie commented that she was about to say the same thing. The first was meant as a compliment, […]

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On the Need to Believe, In an Uncertain World – Fearless Friday

May 27, 2011

I have written of the need to become comfortable with uncertainty, to loosen our grip on deeply held beliefs if we are to listen to one another respectfully. I’ve written of the need to come to terms with the possibility that there are some things we don’t, and perhaps can’t, understand. Today I want to explore what seems the opposite of this idea, namely that a key facet of leadership is the ability to believe something with conviction, to communicate that belief effectively, and to inspire others to believe in the possibilities with you.

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For Patrick Forever Young – Transformation Thursday

May 26, 2011

When he read my posts about Tom’s suicide, my brother Paul emailed me. In part he wrote: Eight years ago one of my former students who had great friends, a caring family, and a plan for his immediate future (his senior year) committed suicide. He was a very good student, played sports, and seemed to […]

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Dead Men Don’t Bleed, and Other Beliefs

May 25, 2011

It’s not every week that the end of the world comes and goes without notice. To be fair, May 21 was predicted to be the beginning  of the end of the world, with the end itself predicted to occur exactly 5 months later.  Nevertheless,  the Rapture was to occur, with the faithful taken up into […]

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Man Plans, & God Laughs – Mindfulness Monday

May 23, 2011

Recently, I got the following post for the blog from a reader, friend, and coworker, who asked if I would post it: So, I left Omaha, NE on Friday evening preparing for a great weekend!  Overnight on Friday with Brad, Saturday to make cupcakes & take my nephew to the Petstore to get all I […]

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Half-Empty, Half-Full, It’s Your Choice on Transformation Thursday

May 19, 2011

Despite having said goodbye to my friend Tom at the funeral yesterday, there are still lessons to be learned from the tragedy of his suicide. In keeping with the themes of Transformation Thursday, what strikes me today is something that many of us at the visitation and funeral felt: “If only he had known all […]

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Saying Goodbye

May 18, 2011

Farewell my friend – you will forever be a part of my world Though I wish with all my heart there had been more time, I am grateful for every moment we managed to share, and I am better for having had them. We all are better because of you. In loving memory of Tom […]

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Are Guys Really That Different?

May 17, 2011

There is so little room in my head for anything other than the loss of my friend, I continue this week’s posts with a Together on Tuesday entry about men in relationships; specifically, men as they relate to one another. Fair warning, however: this is a much more irreverent post that Monday’s, and less emotional. […]

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Suicide, Death, and Loss

May 16, 2011

Yesterday I learned of the death of one of my dearest friends, apparently at his own hand. I am bereft, and utterly at a loss to understand. More than anything I want it not to be true. If it has to be true, then I want an explanation that brings closure. Neither explanation nor closure […]

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