The Moments Project



Transforming the World, One Personal Story at a Time

At The Moments Project we believe that the difference between a mundane moment and a transformative one is mindful attention. We are dedicated to improving lives, relationships, and organizations through mindful sharing of stories of, and ideas about, transformation. We believe it is possible to transform the world, one personal story at a time.

Who started The Moments Project?

I am Dr. Les Kertay, and The Moments Project is my “child.” I am a Clinical Psychologist by training, who for the last 10 years has worked in executive leadership positions in the disability insurance world. My areas of expertise include motivation, health psychology, disability medicine, professional ethics, and teaching. I am naturally curious and I live between worlds when it comes to thinking: open-minded and knowing that not everything is amenable to, or needs, explanation, but also a believer in scientific inquiry with a commitment to understanding the facts and how they fit together. Personally I have a wonderful family, am married to the woman of my dreams (literally), and consider myself one of the luckiest people ever despite having been through some very difficult times. Want to know more? Check out the other links in “About Us” to get more detail about my personal and profesional background.

A friend once asked me, “what do you do best?” The answer that came after only a moment’s thought was a surprise: “I inspire people.” That longer that idea percolated, the closer to home it hit. In work teams, in private consultations, in life, there is nothing that brings greater joy or satisfaction. If you are looking for the personal motivation behind The Moments Project, it is to inspire others to explore themselves and their connections to the world.

How did The Moments Project start?

The idea for The Moments Project began, as did many things in my life, with a conversation. I talked with them about an idea I’ve had for years, that there are a handful of moments in our lives that have a disproportionately profound effect on shaping our world view – the moments that shape who we are at heart.

On the particular evening that inspired the Project, I shared this idea and told a story about one of those moments, by way of example. What happened next I didn’t expect: they each shared such a moment from their lives. The excitement generated as the four of us shared our stories demonstrated what has become a common theme of the Project: when people come together and share their stories, especially stories of transformation or realizations, something deeply intimate and energizing takes place. Since then, again and again as I share this idea with others, I hear encouragement to “do something with it.”

What that “something” is has evolved over time, and no doubt will continue to evolve. At root, the idea has grown to embody my belief that sharing our stories is a way to bridge the gaps between people and, by so bridging, make the world a better place. The Moments Project is about “Transforming the World, One Personal Story at a Time.”

What Does The Moments Project “Do?”

At first I thought The Moments Project was a “something to do.” Gradually I’ve come to think that it’s a vessel to contains connections between people – I don’t “do” The Moments Project; rather, I do my work so that The Moments Project can become. Right now, the Project is a blog, started in 2009 and reborn several times beginning in early 2011. Now in another incarnation, The Moments Project Blog is a vehicle for sharing my own stories and insights into the way that people move toward, or way from, our best selves and our full potential. Soon, The Moments Project will be a book of insightful (to “see in”) thoughts and stories and images. The blog is also a way to point to others who have made a contribution to making the world a better place – whether it’s a scientist making a revolutionary discovery, a child reminding us of our true and frail nature (or perhaps that we the emperors really have no clothes), or another blogger with an important story to tell. At first I thought The Moments Project would be the vehicle for my work as a leader, a featured speaker and presenter, and a consultant; now I think I will do all those other things in order to support my “habit,” the desire to inspire others to greatness wherever I go.

Want to be part of The Moments Project?

Stay, read, comment. Tell me a story if you feel like it, find someone else with who to share your story. Whatever you do, if you believe it’s possible to change the world, one human contact at a time, you are the heart of The Moments Project. 

If there are other ways in which I can help you, your relationships, your team, your company manifest more of your, or its, best self, let me know. Regardless, do something every day to pay your blessings forward, and find your world transformed.