Wake Up Call

February 19, 2014

I always wondered what would go through my mind if I was in a plane that was going to crash land. Earlier today I found out, and it really wasn’t what I expected. Go figure. It started out as an uneventful trip just like a thousand other flights I’ve taken. I used the sensation of […]

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Be Careful What You Ask For

January 27, 2014

If you ask a man to be more open about what he feels, beware the possibility that you might not like what he has to say. I am posting here about an article that appeared this morning on The Good Men Project titled Sex, Marriage, and the Silent Treatment. Whether you are a man or a […]

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Supposedtobes – Ze Frank

November 28, 2013

This came to me courtesy of a new-found friend, and it’s a brief introduction to the work of a fascinating man and a lovely reminder to make of each day what it is.  No more, no less.  Show up, and wonderful things happen, even when they’re not wonderful. “And those supposed-to-be’s, take those to the […]

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What a world it could be

November 8, 2013

Imagine a world where we all behaved like this – both the man brave enough to ask for a blessing, and the one compassionate enough to give it! Now, let’s go build that world.

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Maligning the future that just might save us

November 3, 2013

This morning on a friend’s Facebook page I saw posted a set of 11 rules of life, attributed to Bill Gates. I’d seen it before, but this time it caught my eye and I read them. I was amused at first, and then began to wonder if what made it appealing is Baby Boomer (read: […]

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It’s About Time

June 11, 2013

We never really know when a seemingly chance encounter will lead to a turning, something new, something unexpectedly and breathtakingly beautiful.

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Why Relationships Fail

November 26, 2012

Relationship failures – doesn’t that sound like a cheery and scintillating subject? One you’re just dying to read about? Yeah right, I hear you thinking. I can fail at relationships all on my own, thanks. So here’s the cut-to-the-chase, abbreviated version: to fail miserably at a relationship, all you have to do is don’t show […]

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Thanksgiving in Heaven

November 22, 2012

There is a  story has become something of a tradition in our family, about the real meaning of Thanksgiving and the sharing of blessings. Or at least what it means to me. Last year I shared a shorter version of it in this post. This year it’s on my mind again, particularly as I watch […]

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Three Firsts, Three Lessons: on Learning to Love

November 21, 2012

Needless to say, I was a mess, and really stupid about relationships. I wrote that in Monday’s post, Guilt without Sex. “Ignorant” would be a kinder word than “stupid,” but there’s no sense in sugar-coating it. Handicapped by life’s vicissitudes I may have been, but still it seemed to take a long time to stumble […]

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Guilt without Sex

November 19, 2012

Remember how glorious it was to come of age, to feel the joy of first love and blooming sexuality? Remember how uncomplicated life seemed back then? Yeah, me neither. Coming into adolescence in the 1960s would have been difficult enough without the multiple handicaps: I was nearly two years younger than any of my classmates […]

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