Thanksgiving in Heaven


There is a  story has become something of a tradition in our family, about the real meaning of Thanksgiving and the sharing of blessings. Or at least what it means to me. Last year I shared a shorter version of it in this post. This year it’s on my mind again, particularly as I watch […]

Showing Up


This week has been full of lessons, and depending on when I posted I could have shared lessons about death, presumption, righteousness, fear, shame, pride, and a few other uplifting-not topics. I know I’ve been quiet this week – partly out of respect for Hurricane Sandy and the struggles of so many on the East […]

Gratitude is the Secret to Increasing Resilience – A Thanksgiving Day Post


Today, in the culmination of a series of posts on psychological resilience, I promised a few immediate things that you can do when faced with the inevitable low points in your life. It seems fitting that it will be on Thanksgiving Day that this is published, because it turns out that the “secret spice” that […]

Lessons Re-Learned – Having A Gratitude Weekend


There is nothing to put things in perspective like spending a weekend of paying attention to all the things for which I am grateful. I wonder why I have to be continually reminded of this? After all, if there is anything I pride myself on it’s that I think I’m reasonably bright – I’ve even […]

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