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Hey you! Yes, you! If you want to live and love and work bold, fulfilled, and BadAss, I’ve been busy building something for people just like you. If you’re stuck being one of the guys and want to be the man you always thought you could, or if you’re someone who loves one of those guys, or if you run a business that you want to take to the next level of awesome, come join us.

2013: My “Year of Thinking Dangerously”

2012 Year In FB Status

For 2013 I wish you promise, surprise, and danger. I suppose I should explain myself. Naming the year Last year I learned a new ritual – from my friends Daphne and Melissa – that I’ve adopted: “naming” the year. There is something that seems magical about naming the year. But as with most powerful mental […]

The Grand Reopening of LesKertay.Com and The Moments Project

The right hand of the Buddha, raised against fear

Welcome to the new, totally restructured website and blog representing the work of Les Kertay – that’s me – and The Moments Project – that’s one vehicle for my work. You will also find here a renamed blog – The Moments Project Blog is now Awakened Moments. Most of the content of the old blog is […]

Lessons Re-Learned – Having A Gratitude Weekend


There is nothing to put things in perspective like spending a weekend of paying attention to all the things for which I am grateful. I wonder why I have to be continually reminded of this? After all, if there is anything I pride myself on it’s that I think I’m reasonably bright – I’ve even […]

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