Right Leadership – Fearless Friday


Concluding this week’s series of posts built around the theme of The Five Wishes and the power of Intention, in today’s post I’ll delve into an idea that I’ll call Right Leadership. Right Leadership is an invention of the moment, intended to capture the idea that the most effective way to lead is through balance: a […]

The Power of Intention – Transformation Thursday


Continuing this week’s them of The Five Wishes, today’s post reflects on two beliefs I hold about the transformative power of getting clear about your intentions.  First, intention is not the same as positive thinking.  Second, positive thinking is not enough to drive transformation; intention is able to drive transformation because it combines an image and […]

Bound Together By Beauty – Transformation Thursday


Beauty is a unifying force. This I deeply believe to be true, on many levels. Walk with me a moment and I believe we are about to make the world a better place. Beauty as a unifying force is the theme of one of the five turning-point moments of my life, and those five moments in […]

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